The Office Agogo LK Metro

The Office Agogo on LK Metro in Pattaya has had it’s ups and downs since 2011 when it opened but for the past year or two it has been known as the place GoGo dancers go to die. A bit like a retirement home where the age range of their dancers are incredibly high.

So The Office opened at the start of 2011 and it is located on the Soi Diana entrance to Soi LK Metro, pretty close to Champagne Agogo. The Office gogo has an office uniform fancy dress theme with the girls dressing as sexy office girls and sexy secretaries. Every 20th of each month they host a large Staff Birthday Party where there is free food and drink specials but I think I will just let the below pictures do the talking for me as to whether you should come in here or not.

Every now and again there will be a younger sexy girl or two working but it’s getting quite rare these days.

You can find The Office on Facebook where you can find more photos and information about upcoming events.

If you were to score this place out of 10, The Office Agogo would probably rate a 1 out of 10.

The Office Agogo in LK Metro is open from 7:00pm every single day and closes just after 03:00am. Leave a comment below if you’ve been here and taken one of these girls, was she any good? do you like the older dancers?

  The Office LK Metro super model pictures

soi lk metro the office gogo bar pattaya

the office soi lk metro pattaya

the office gogo lk metro pattaya soi lk

soi lk metro the office gogo bar thailand

So if you are still here even after seeing the photos of the “Sexy Thai Girls” above you will actually find that The Office Agogo is very relaxed inside with no real pressure for drinks or scams like a lot of other places and if you’re into Thai grandmothers this place will be the best bar you have ever visited in your entire life. Check the Facebook for more photos and leave a comment on your experience there.

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