Rock House Bar – LK Metro, Pattaya – Thailand

The Rock House Bar and Guesthouse was one of the first to open up around LK Metro when there wasn’t much here at all. For some reason it is still open in the year 2017. It’s only a small single unit bar but it does have good air conditioning.

It has some pretty damn cheap drink specials, some of the cheapest you will find on LK Metro during their happy hour times which are advertised on the Rock House facebook page from time to time. In regards to the girls working here, not many people seem to barfine from here, or at least dont talk about it anyway. More of a place to drink and chat with the owner than a full blown sex for sale shop like other bars in the street.

The Rock House guesthouse rooms above the bar were quite dingy and unsure if that has changed although the reviews online definitely do not recommend you stay here. Check all the reviews on Agoda and TripAdvisor before booking if you must stay here although most people advise you to not.

The Rock House do pretty decent food cooked in their bars kitchen with European and British specialties including full english breakfasts, lasagnas, pies, chips, pretty much anything you will want. Even good curries from time to time.

You can check the Rock House reviews out on TripAdvisor here – – some of them aren’t too flattering but things may have changed since them. You can sort reviews by 1 and 2 stars to get into things and make up your mind on the Rock House before booking here.
And here is some photos of the bar and rooms on YouTube

Rock House Bar Pattaya
Website for Rock House LK Metro –
Bar Facebook Page ––178396578844494/ they have their happy hour and food specials posted on the facebook page often so best to check there.


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