Pandoras Agogo LK Metro Pattaya

Pandoras Agogo is located on the Soi Diana side of Soi LK Metro in Pattaya. Pandoras is a small gogo bar and the sign outside of the bar does say Pandors’s for some reason but apparently since the new owner buying it, it is going to be changed to Pandoras soon enough.

It is owned and managed by the old school Pattaya gogo bar veteran Ricky who can often be seen smoking like a chimney inside the bar and he bought and took over the gogo bar in December 2015. The owner manages to run a pretty good bar here and you will be well looked after by the girls working here. Inside you will find one stage going along the wall and bench seating on the opposite side wall which gives you a pretty good view of the dancing girls. Because of its smaller size, they also play music at nice reasonable volumes so you can talk easy with the staff members and wont go deaf inside.

Drink prices in Pandoras Agogo are decent with bottled beers running 105 baht each and happy hour Cider is 180 baht for half a litre glasses. Draught Beer is Tiger or Tiger Lite and it’s only 65 baht which is incredible value for the area. You will find some of the sexiest girls in Soi LK Metro in this gogo bar and some have the biggest fake tits you will ever see anywhere in Thailand.

Pandoras Agogo is open from 7:30PM to 03:00AM each day and happy hour runs from 7:30pm to 21:00pm


pandoras gogo bar soi lk metro pattaya thailand


Pandoras Agogo contact details are:

Address: Soi LK Metro, Pattaya, Thailand. 20150

Contact phone number: +66 (0)81 286 0211

The official Website :

You can also view more updates about parties, new girls working, upcoming events and all the happenings of the bar in LK Metro on the official Facebook page located here:


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