What is open and closed this coming week (Official)

Latest information on what’s open and closed today and over the weekend.

If you were due to attend an event today or indeed over this coming week, best advice is to contact the venue first.

Most events that were due to be held this weekend have been cancelled, with some major events due to take place next week also cancelled.

Bars, restaurants and alcohol sales Most bars and restaurants will be open, although some may decide to stay closed until after weekend.

For places that remain open it is likely will do so without music and may also choose not to serve alcohol, with the atmosphere understandably more subdued than normal.

However, alcohol sales are permitted, with the usual rules on the sale of alcohol applying – sales permitted 11am to 2pm and from 5pm to 12am.

There will be no alcohol sales on Oct 16th as this is a Buddhist holiday, Wanok Phansa, the last day of lent. Shopping Malls All major shopping malls remain open.

Many stores of Villa Market, Makro, Big C, Tesco Lotus and Gourmet Market are open.

Many local stores are open.

Major Cineplex is open but is showing reduced screenings. SF Cinema is closed.

Immigration, government offices, financial institutions, hospitals Immigration offices throughout Thailand are closed on Friday – expected to re-open on Monday 17th.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand is open and trading as normal.

Banks are open.

All hospitals remain open. Most clinics remain open.

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