Ninja A GoGo Bar LK Metro

Ninja A GoGo was previously called Ninja Karaoke bar and although the karaoke bar has failed it seems that the new A GoGo bar is doing very well. Especially with the Japanese customers it seems to be pulling away from their usual haunts in the main area of Walking Street.

タイ王国パタヤ、LKメトロに多国籍の人たちが気軽に集える総合娯楽施設BEERBAR&KARAOKE NINJAをオープンしました

While the staff and the bar itself is aimed at Japanese punters coming through the doors, the website and Facebook page mostly only in Japanese, they are still very welcoming of having other nationalities come into the bar and have a drink and even barfine their girls. If the girl wants to go with a white farang that is, some of them have a preference that they will only go with a Japanese customer. It’s best to ask the girl if she barfines with other nationalities before wasting any money on overpriced lady drinks here.

Barfines if they will go with you will range between 1000 baht all the way up to 2000 baht and they will generally ask for 3000 baht and up for Short Time if they think they can get away with it and they really do put on the Japanese style make up and try and do their hair in a way that is appealing to Japanese punters.

You might even see some familiar faces as recently there has been a few old school popular Soi 6 girls working here in Ninja, perhaps it is hard to recruit so many girls in such a short space of time since the renovation from Ninja Karaoke to Ninja A GoGo.

The new GoGo is definitely not the cheapest option on LK Metro for barfining women from that’s for sure.

Ninja A GoGo sexy staff photos

ninja a gogo bar soi lk metro pattaya thailand

ninja a gogo bar soi lk metro pattaya thailand

ninja a gogo bar soi lk metro pattaya thailand

ninja a gogo bar soi lk metro pattaya thailand



Contact details for the Ninja A GoGo bar in LK Metro Pattaya are:

Address 33/97Moo10,Nongprue,Banglamung, Pattaya, Thailand 20250

タイ王国パタヤ、LKメトロに多国籍の人たちが気軽に集える総合娯楽施設BEERBAR&KARAOKE NINJAをオープンしました

Phone number for the owners of the bar +66 38 720 288

and you can send the owners an email to [email protected] however as they may not be able to read and understand fluent English it might be best to use Google Translate to get it in Japanese before you send it over.

Website for the bar is here


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