LK Metro Tourists Bashed and Robbed September 2016

LK Metro Tourists Bashed and Robbed September 2016

At 2.30am, on the morning of September 9, Pattaya police were informed of two serious assaults by Thai people on overseas tourists in L.K Metro, Pattaya.

At the scene forty-one-year old Mr Tareyuki Kamiyama, from Japan, was treated for severe faces wounds and a deep cut on his mouth.

A forty-four-year old Swede, known only as Peter, had been knocked unconscious and badly beaten.

It was his first day in Pattaya and witnesses said that Mr Kamiyama was attacked and robbed at a bar. The Swede, Peter, went to help and he was then kicked in the face and beaten unconscious.

He too was robbed of 5000 baht and, oddly, one of the suspects also stole his shirt. They then ran off with a Thai woman.

Police officers later arrested Mr Pattana (aka Jack) Meunsaeng, 24 years from Sawan-arom, Uthaithani and Mr. Pathiphan (aka Tonkla) Theukwansue, 28 years from Prakonchai, Buriram.

Both were still drunk when detained and taken to Pattaya police station.

Both have denied the attack and claim that, in fact, they themselves were attacked and robbed.

Investigating officers will review CCTV footage and try to find out what happened.

They have revealed that Mr Pattana (aka Jack) was arrested before for a similar assault on a British tourist on April 5, 2015.

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