LK Metro Shooting

At 3am, on the morning of August 4, the Pattaya Police were informed of a shooting at LK Metro, Soi Buakhao, Central Pattaya.

Outside Sugar Sugar A Go Go medics treated a 29 year old taxi driver, Mr Niran Dokkhem, who had been shot in the stomach.

The area was still busy with Thais and Tourists who watched on in horror as Mr Dokkhen was taken to the hospital.

Thirty-year-old security guard, Mr Thanachai Wansiripetch, said that before the shooting a group of young lads had been revving up their motorbikes and a side alley and generally causing trouble.

He went to ask them what they were doing and one of them pulled out a gun and opened fire. The bullet missed him and hit Mr Dokkhem instead. After that the boys raced off.

Police Officers immediately sent patrol teams out to look for the gang and had set up multiple road blocks but the suspects appear to have slipped away. The local LK Metro bars and GoGos CCTV footage is currently being reviewed by the Police in an attempt to identify the gang members and arrest them.

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