Lady Love AGoGo Bar LK Metro

Lady Love agogo is located near the Soi Diana entrance to Soi LK Metro and it was opened in 2012. You will find it in between Queen Club and Showgirls aGoGo. It’s an average to medium sized bar that has a raised platform for the girls to dance on and also has a Jacuzzi area where the girls will get fully naked and wash each other as you sip your drinks and enjoy the scenery.

Lady Love is very nicely decorated inside being a relatively new GoGo bar and most of the dancers are Coyotes but they also have a range of fully nude dancers and show girls working at all times too. You will also find that Lady Love aGoGo is a very relaxed no hassles bar with no real high pressure selling of lady drinks or any other bullshit that goes on in some other gogo bars in Pattaya or elsewhere in Thailand.

Lady Love A GoGo ladies are hot!

lady love gogo bar beer bar thailand pattaya soi lk metro

Drink prices are pretty much the same as all other GoGo bars on Soi LK Metro and they do not have any draught beer for sale as of writing this article.

Opening hours for Lady Love aGoGo are from 19:00 to 03:30 every single day of the week.

You can find Lady Love aGoGo on their Official Facebook page where you will find the latest photos, videos and updates of parties going on in the bar here

Lady Love AGoGo street address can be found at Soi LK Metro 102-104/33 Off Soi Diana, Pattaya 20150


lady love agogo bar pattaya lk metro thailand

At Lady Love they also sell Minute Mirth collection tshirts with more than 20 different designs which look pretty stunning compared to most other bar tshirts you can purchase all over town. If you want to contact the owners directly you can email them at [email protected] and they generally respond to emails within an hour or two.

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