Kaos A Go Go Bar Pattaya

Kaos is quite a small intimate A gogo bar in LK Metro and once you visit the bar you’ll see just how cosy it is in there.

It’s a pretty stylish black and chrome coloured bar and has around 20 girls working at any one time, about 15 of them will be “models” and you might be mistaken and find yourself asking who would employ them as models as a lot of them look like run-of-the-mill Issaan hookers much the same quality you can find almost everywhere in Pattaya.

Inside Kaos the bar has a large central platform for dancers and around half a dozen poles and “mini platforms” with seats facing them to give good views of what’s going on. There are a lot of mirrors scattered all around to help if you can’t be bothered tilting your head constantly in a weird position.

When Kaos burst onto the scene the Pattaya forums were raided by the owner of this place promising cheap drinks, cheap barfines, no annoying mamasans to deal with and to have the same prices from 10 years back.

kaos bar thailand pattaya

Of course this was nothing but bullshit however you can find Happy Hour until 9:00PM every day where every single drink on the menu is 90 baht. Normal prices not in Happy Hour for a bottleed beer is 105 Baht and Lady Drinks here will set you back 130 baht.

I guess the drink prices are OK.. but the small size of the GoGo bar coupled with the fact that the owner promised the world and delivered nothing means it’s usually not one you’ll find yourself visiting again and again.

Kaos A Go Go LK Metro

Open times for Kaos A GoGo are 19:30 to 03:30 daily and there is no official Facebook page or website for the bar. I guess the owner doesn’t know how to get online or just doesn’t think it’s worth anyones time to get online promoting the bar. This is a “one and done” place. Give it a try if you like although you are better off going to Touch A Go Go if you want quality.

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