I Rovers Sports Bar And Guesthouse

I Rovers Hotel and Bar used to be called Irish Rovers however they changed the name as it might of been off putting to some people.

The bar constantly shows all Live English Premier League games, Championship games, every Celtic and Rangers game along with NFL, UFC, Rugby Union and Rugby League, Cricket is on and Formula 1 too plus anything else you want to watch.

It’s located in the back pocket of Soi LK Metro and I Rovers offers up one of the best full english breakfasts in town at a price of 99 Baht which has now been put up to 140 baht but it is still great value for money in a great air-conditioned bar.

There is a large full slate pool table to play on inside of the I Rovers bar with a range of Thai food and Western meal choices on offer for pretty good prices and they have wild parties at times too. You might however be swamped with rowdy drunk Englishmen, so just be aware.

I Rovers Full English Breakfast Is A Winner

i rovers bar sports lk metro thailand

It used to be ranked as probably the Number 1 Sports Bar in town however since it was sold that title has been given to the old owners new venue in Soi Lengkee called Retox Bar and Sports where they have continued the 99 Baht Buster full english breakfast.

You can always find the English manager inside smoking away like a chimney near the computer updating sports results or loading music playlists for the bar if you need any advice. Overall I Rovers is a very good sports bar and probably the best of this style bar in all of Soi LK Metro but as I Rovers is sort of tucked away in the back corner there you might miss seeing it. It’s located across the road from Kilkenny and directly diagonal to the Billabong Bar


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