Government now says low key entertainment is permitted

The Thai authorities have today said that low-key entertainment will be permitted as long as it takes place ‘away from plain view and behind closed doors.’

Bars, pubs and clubs can now operate normally as long as nobody passing by can see or hear what is going on, as indicated by the announcement of the Interior Ministry on Sunday.

Weddings, ordinations, fairs and ceremonies are allowed but there must be no music and no displays of ‘excitement.’

Many public shows and performances have been suspended and no time frame for rescheduling events has been given.

The government has confirmed its statement on Thursday that all public entertainment and official occasions remain banned for the thirty-day period.

This clarification was made after concerns that people working in the entertainment sector, especially in low paid employment, may not survive if their places of work were closed for a month.

The military government is attempting to keep harmony during the grieving period that is expected to last for a year.

It is mindful, it says, that much of the entertainment sector relies on trade and tourism.

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