Foreigner Beaten To A Pulp in LK Metro

A drunk foreigner was drinking in Showgirls Bar in Soi LK Metro about 3am last tuesday week where he had refused to pay his bar bill that was around 4000 baht in total and was being a typical drunk idiot so staff took liberties and bashed the life out of him. The drunk foreigner was taken to hospital for treatment of his injuries however he shortly escaped fearing for his life.

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The Showgirls GoGo bar manager was taken down to Soi 9 police station to face a few charges related to the GoGo bar being open well past licensed hours and it’s to be seen whether or not the bar will be closed for 5 years under the new rules being heavily enforced around town. A good note will be if you get rat arsed drunk – don’t carry on like a dickhead or they will stomp your face in, just pay your bill and learn your lesson so you don’t get yourself into similar situations in the future.


Showgirls GoGo bar in LK Metro has a history of violence against customers – whether justified or not – and almost everyone warns everyone to avoid this place altogether because of it.


You can see the news video on Pattaya One’s YouTube channel linked below:

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