Destiny Agogo Bar LK Metro

Destiny aGoGo is a new coyote style dancing bar that opened on Friday 16th and it is located just over the road opposite from Paradise A GoGo. It is one of only a few coyote bars in Soi LK Metro and from the street you cant see inside at all. Destiny Agogo also has a guesthouse upstairs with some high quality accomodation on offer as well as a jacuzzi on the roof top with a bar area for relaxing with some ladies you bring back or bring up from the bar itself. The rooms start at only 900 baht per night or 1300 baht per night for the huge VIP room with the Jacuzzi.

destiny agogo pattaya soi lk metro

The atmosphere in the bar is very good with happy staff members and sexy ladies very willing to please and make sure you are enjoying your visit. Drink prices are on par with most other bars on the street but where Destiny Agogo really shines is the Australian owners / managers run a really tight ship and make sure everyone is having fun at all times. The rooms are possibly the nicest guesthouse rooms in all of Pattaya and the use of the Jacuzzi in the VIP room really makes Destiny aGogo a must visit on each trip to Thailand and especially a must visit when you get to Soi LK Metro.

Destiny aGogo sexy staff members

destiny agogo pattaya soi lk metro

They have a Facebook with the latest up to date information on parties, new girls working and photos of sexy ladies and the official Facebook page is here

You can find the official Destiny Agogo website here:

You can call the guesthouse reception line in Thailand on the phone number : 089-233-6569

and the Destiny aGoGo street address is: 33/138, Soi LK Metro, Soi Bau Khao, Pattaya, Thailand which you can find on Google Maps.

destiny agogo pattaya soi lk metro

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