Crystal Club AGoGo LK Metro

Crystal Club AGoGo Bar in Soi LK Metro is something special. Crystal Club is possibly the number 1 GoGo bar in all of LK Metro, the women are absolutely the hottest out of all the bars here consistently and the bar itself nothing short of spectacular with it’s design and layout.

The thing with GoGo bars are they are very inconsistent as one month they will be hot and great filled with great girls and the next month they will be dead and devoid of customers and have a sub par line up of women working there. However with Crystal Club they always seem to be stocked full of great girls all the time. Managers are always on site looking after all customers and making sure the Thai girls aren’t acting up or getting lazy. It provides a really good environment to go and find a girl for the night.

Crystal Club AGoGo Bar LK Metro has some incredibly sexy girls

crystal club gogo bar pattaya thailand

However the great quality club does have it’s downsides too – that being – there are drink sluts working here and working the customers. If you are going to buy a girl a Lady Drink and perhaps think about barfining her, ask about if she barfines before spending the money on a overpriced drink, as some girls will work the tables all night hustling drinks and then tell the customers that she doesn’t barfine and can’t go with you. You have been warned 🙂

Crystal Suites also offers 5 very nice rooms for rent just above Crystal Club AGoGo bar in LK Metro. It has 5 brand new rooms with each room having a massive 50″ flatscreen TV, wifi, massive bathrooms and tea and coffee making facilities.

crystal club crystal suites guesthouse hotel pattaya

Right in the heart of Pattaya and close to everything, these rooms are 5 star quality for a budget price.

You can contact the owners via email or phone to make bookings or enquiries, Email : [email protected] Tel : +6696 859 9406 or you can find their official website with photos of the rooms and more at this website


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