Champagne A Go Go Bar, Pattaya

Champagne Agogo has been consistant over the years with both the quality and loads of customers at all times. It was the very first GoGo bar in Soi LK Metro and turned the street into what it is today.

champagne gogo soi lk metro

Inside Champagne A GoGo they have a Happy Hour drinks promotion running pretty much all night from 6PM when they open and always finishes very late. Draft beer is only 65 baht a glass and on Mondays they have “Leo Mondays” where you can get draft Leo beer for only 75 baht all day long.

The Thai girls in Champagne are always smoking hot and all have numbers on them so if one takes your fancy you can tell the waitress to call down the girl with that number to come and sit with you and have a bit of fun before deciding whether or not you want to take her home for the night for some boom boom.

champage soi lk metro bar

Try to keep an eye on your bill in here as you can run up a large tab very quickly buying shots and Lady Drinks and that’s a recipe for disaster if you’re on a budget and a sure way to end the night and possibly ruin your trip. Barfines here range from 600 baht upto 1200 baht for “dancers” but it’s always a must-visit each time you head down to Soi LK Metro and the girls there and the bar will always put a smile on your face.

Champagne A Go Go LK Metro contact information:

Website here and you can also look at more photos of the girls as they update the Facebook page and they will also put videos on there from time to time too, Facebook page is here.

Open times for Champagne A GoGo bar are 18:00pm to 03:00am every single day of the week.

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