Business and bars today in Pattaya appears to be continuing as normal

In regards to the bar closure notices:

Business today in Pattaya appears to be continuing as normal.

Although some bars are closed others remain open as usual and the beers are flowing. Some bars have been told by the police to close until October 18th, others have been told to close until further notice. Some report that they can open or close at the owner’s discretion.

The bars that do remain open must keep the atmosphere ‘toned down’ and there will be no music played.

Supermarkets, Family Marts and 7/11 are not selling alcohol until 18th October. Most Thai owned stores are continuing to operate as normal.

All the banks are open during normal hours. All ATM’s are functioning as normal, as are the exchange booths.

The markets are all open, baht buses and taxis all running as normal.

The beach is open.

Restaurants and malls are all open as usual.

There is to be no entertainment, games, concerts or stage shows for thirty-days.

The Immigration Department is closed. Those requiring immigration services have been advised;

‘All urgent issues can be resolved the next opening day if due date today because of the special situation. Since today has been declared a holiday if your permit to stay is ending today or during the weekend you will not be fined for an overstay as long as you go to immigration on the first day they are open.’

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