Billabong Bar & Guesthouse

The Billabong Bar and Guesthouse is situated in central Pattaya in a middle of the entertainment district and is within easy walking distance of the beach.

It is smack bang in the middle of L.K. Metro which is now known as “Little Walking Street” with 14 A GoGo bars and more to come for the single traveller. If you happen to decide to wander outside of Pattaya – and there are some beautiful places to see in the near vicinity – then there are taxi services right outside the door, motorbikes that you jump on the back of, or if you are up to driving in Pattaya you can always try renting a bike or car.

billabong bar soi LK pattaya

Billabong is open 24 hours a day and has loads of girls working at all times where you can sit and play a game of pool or just sit and talk to other tourists passing by. You can stay in the rooms above the bar however it’s noisy as fuck here, so if you ever want to have a nice sleep then this will definitely not be the place for you.

There is nothing too ‘basic’ about the ‘Standard’ range of rooms except for perhaps the smell that often comes from the sewerage and wafts into the rooms. The ‘Standard’ range of rooms comes with all the facilities which are available with the other two larger sized rooms. Cable television and free to air TV plus aircon and a bar fridge will get you by if you want to party non-stop all of the time with very little sleep.

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Billabong has free WiFi in the bar and rooms and safety deposit boxes too. If you’re taking girls from all around Pattaya and also barfining some from Billabong Bar you might have some issues during your stay with Thai girls jealous that you are giving your money to someone else.

Billabong room rates

The Standard Room 700 baht/night / 18,000 baht/month.

The Superior Room 800 baht/night / 20,000 baht/month.

The Deluxe Room 900 baht/night / 22,000 baht/month.

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You can make bookings at the Billabong Bar through their website here

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